• Overview
  • Activity Tracker
  • Conception Tracker
  • Heifer Tracker
  • Inventory Tracker
  • Maternity Tracker

Find the Answers You Need

You have tons of DHI data, but can you quickly summarize it, generate graphs, identify trends and find the answers you need to manage more effectively? With the Trackers feature in PCDART, you can!

Start with a question and zero in on the specific data, animals and time frame you need to answer it quickly and accurately.


Tracker Objectives

  • Provide tools to answer specific questions related to dairy herd performance.
  • Enhance and optimize your flexibility to answer questions.
  • Respond to change and need.
  • Interact easily with Excel.


Getting Started

PCDART provides access to five Trackers: Activity, Heifer, Maternity, Conception and Inventory. From here you can:
  • Watch videos and webinars with step-by-step tutorials.
  • Get documents for an overview of each program, and detailed help.