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What's In Your Pocket?      PocketDairy

View Your Records On the Go: Review vital cow statistics for production, reproduction and udder health. A quick swipe reveals lifetime health, vaccination and protocol history. Display unique items like Hold Meat and Hold Milk alerts from Dart and select items to appear on your cow or heifer screens (including genomic data). Action lists for vet check, breeding, dry off and calving are available with filters that make it simple to use, even in the largest of herds.

Enter Data Cowside: Why write it down and reenter it later? Tap into PocketDairy: cows in heat, cows for vet check, a group change, flag a sick or lame cow or enter calving, dry or breeding dates. Link your RFID wand to quickly check cows in groups or create work lists. Wireless syncs transfer input to your Dart computer.

Vet Check Maxx simplifies and streamlines your vet checks! It is optimized for tablets so all data needed for each cow is on one screen. Easily move from cow to cow; enter repro, health, remarks, protocols and chores cowside.

Get Started: To install PocketDairy, you need Dart version 7.16.6 or later, and your phone or tablet must have Android 4.2 or later. Contact your DHIA or DRMS for more information!

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Vet Check Maxx


Powered by PocketDairy and optimized for 7" or larger screens, Vet Check Maxx simplifies and streamlines vet checks or herd checks. Lose the clipboard with hand-written index numbers, statuses and last breeding dates. Just grab your tablet and go! Winner of the 2015 Top-10 Product at World Ag Expo.

  • Cows to check are quickly identified by a powerful filtering system.
  • Access records and enter data on the same screen.
  • Provide vet with needed data; easily enter vet's findings or actions for each cow.
  • Easy to navigate: shows last cow done, next cow in list and current cow.
  • RFID compatible.


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For the newest version of PocketDairy, user must be running Dart version 8.2 or higher.
New version is compatible from Android 14 (released 10/2023) all the way back to Android 6 (released 10/2015)
If users have a version of PocketDairy (1.6.x) on their devices, they will be prompted from within the app to upgrade to the new version
Some devices used by PocketDairy customers - confirmed by DRMS Support:


Casio Commando 2
HTC Incredible
Motorola Atrix
Motorola Droid 4
Motorola M
Motorola Ultra
Motorola RAZR
Samsung Fascinate
Samsung Mesmerize
Samsung Galaxy S series
Acer Iconia A200
Acer Iconia A500
Amazon Kindle
Motorola Xoom 2
Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite (wifi syncing only)
Samsung Nexus
Toshiba Thrive


Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0


We're starting to wonder how we managed before PocketDairy. The information on the phone has tremendous value. I'm continually amazed at what the program can do. It benefits what we do every day.

J. Shockey, DVM, WV


Readily available information is a big time saver. You never forget cows or have to run to the computer to check something. It's all right at your fingertips!

L. VanBronkhorst, MI


This is a highly useful tool for me as a herd manager. It allows me to get the most current information cowside, make more knowledgeable decisions, and make the best use of my time and resources.

L. Flory, VA


You do a lot more calf health input when you have your phone and can input the information right away.

L. Kleinsasser, MT


This is a wonderful management tool for our dairy. Having the information on your phone means you always have it with you because leaving the house without your phone is like leaving without your hat on, IT JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN!

D. Schoen, MO


Automatic updates and having heifers are great. The fact that I have it with me all the time is the best!

C. Timmerman, IL


I was blown away by the input screens! They are well organized, buttons are the right size, and sections make the process very easy!

J. Bermudez, PR


Accurate data on every cow literally 'in your pocket' gives me such an advantage. Data can be updated on the spot, as it occurs. Updates from multiple users keep everyone current on the status of all animals. It's a powerful tool in our arsenal.

D. James, NE


Installation and sync went without a hitch.

F. Rowe, KY

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