The latest version of PocketDairy requires that you also have the latest version of PCDART. To upgrade, please follow all the steps below:



1) Sync PocketDairy to make sure all your inputs have been saved to PCDART.



2) Make sure you have version 7.18.3A (or higher) of PCDART. If you're not sure which version you have, just look in Help | About in PCDART.


You can get the latest version of PCDART here, or contact DRMS to have a CD mailed to you.




3) Once you have the latest PCDART installed, do a program update.



4) Next, reinstall PocketDairy in PCDART by clicking the PocketDairy icon, and then the "Install PocketDairy for Android" button on the Install PocketDairy tab.



5) Finally, make sure AndroidSync is running. If it is, you'll see the AndroidSync icon in your taskbar.



Have you done everything listed above? Great! Now you can download the latest PocketDairy to your device by simply tapping the button below.