An amusing DART Safe testimonial...

December 31, 2013 started as any other day on the farm. I was getting all of my cow information into PCDART since Christmas, so I would have it all updated for the needed year end reports. But little did I know that my computer was starting to celebrate the New Year a little early! I never did get all of the facts associated with the accident of that day (no blood alcohol test was taken, no skid marks were found), but in the corner of my office laid a drunken, crashed, non-functioning computer barely alive.

Sure I could turn it on, get electricity flowing through its circuits, but the operating system never would boot. Error, Error, Error!!!! Since it was a holiday we kept a close watch on the computer ‘til Thursday, and then rushed it to the Computer Surgeon Care unit. After being on the operating table for over 4 hours, we had the computer going again! But it was not all good news. ALL of the PCDART Data was lost!!! What would I do, what would I do!?! It must have been a GOD thing, because when DRMS started the DART Safe program, something inside me said YES, I need that protection.

With DART Safe I was able to leave the Computer hospital with ALL of my PCDART Data restored!!! Not all of my other programs were that easy to restore. The DHIA tech was at the farm one week later and all of the PCDART program worked great for her but I was still trying to get my Milking Machine Program to work on the computer. Two weeks later, I was still making calls and downloading updates for programs on my computer, but not PCDART. It was still working great!

I must admit that I like showing my rear sometimes to get a laugh or a grin out of people around me but when my computer crashed and I found my shorts at my knees it was no laughing matter. I felt vulnerable, violated and ashamed that I had not done a better job of having all of my computers backed up like I did with DART Safe. PocketDairy was also very helpful to me after the tragedy. I was able to look up information on each cow to make sure all of the cows were taken care of the way they needed to be.

So PLEASE take the time to sign up for DART Safe before it’s too late, it’s a FIG LEAF in the Garden of Life!

Mark Sowers
Huckleberry Dairy – Floyd, VA


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