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Management Software: Dart with daily to do lists, analysis tools, summaries, graphs, performance/trend trackers, and more is used by herds with 50 to over 14,000 cows. DRMS consistently works with Robotic, Automatic Milk Recording (AMR) and Heat Detection system providers to ensure these systems interface with Dart. This enables you to incorporate data from Dart and your system to have as much relevant information as possible for important management decisions.


Offsite Data Backup: Dart's DartSync feature makes offsite backup of your data quick and easy. Local backups are critical, but offsite backups are the best way to protect against herd data loss. Once you set up DartSync, backups will automatically run at your scheduled time when the computer is connected to high-speed internet. Your consultant can also access these backups with your Remote Access Code (RAC) and have quick access to updated data. With DartSync, your five most recent backup files will be stored at DRMS. If you should need to restore your database, just contact DRMS or your DHIA.


Mobile Solutions: award-winning PocketDairy and the Vet Check Maxx feature let you view and input data anytime, anywhere. RFID compatibility makes creating work lists or checking cows a snap. All data needed cow-side for herd or vet checks is on one screen. View, input, done!


DHI Reports: Reports include over 70 pre-designed lists and summaries. High level management reports evaluate herd performance parameters, genomic test results, transition cow management, and analyze survival rates, production persistency, sexed semen, and more. Reports with lab data merge SCC, MUN, Johnes and more with pertinent management data.


Benchmarking: With the web-based DairyMetrics system, producers and consultants can compare the performance of an individual herd to other herds using parameters for general, production, udder health, reproduction and genetic information.


Digital Reports: Eliminate mail time by getting your traditional DHIA reports in PDF format with our WebReports tool. You are notified by email or text message as soon as your herd processes. Consultants can also use WebReports to view or print reports for client herds.

Dairy Records Management Systems (DRMS) was founded at North Carolina State University in 1957 with a mission to provide superior dairy management information to producers in the region. While many things have changed since then, DRMS' mission has not. Product offerings including Dart, PocketDairy and a vast array of DHI reports empower producers to use both their DHI and everyday data to make the most informed, cost-effective decisions possible.


DRMS is owned by our member cooperatives and embodies a true non-profit organization's purpose: provide superior benefits and products at minimal cost. Centers at North Carolina State University and Iowa State University merged as one dairy records processing center in 1996. Long traditions at NCSU and ISU and our penchant to explore and adapt technologies enable us to attract a tremendous staff. Developers create cutting-edge tools quickly and efficiently while technical support analysts educate and answer customers' questions. Frequent feature updates for Dart and PocketDairy as well as updates to interfaces for automated milk recording and heat monitoring systems are part of doing business with DRMS. Those utilizing DHI data processing services have access to nearly 80 report options, ensuring a customized option for most needs.


While serving herds from Maine to California and Michigan to Florida through 21 DHIAs, DRMS delivers strong value to every herd: small or large, Jerseys or Holsteins, technology-driven or traditional. Month to month, over two million cows from 11,000 herds flow through our processing center. We will continue to apply our knowledge of dairy science and technology to deliver superior information and management tools to all of them.


Providing superior dairy management information systems to our customers is our mission statement, our business and our passion.

Providing top-notch support, prompt service, and staying in touch with customer needs are top priorities at DRMS. We value our excellent reputation for customer satisfaction and we work hard to meet our customers' expectations. Staff in Raleigh and Ames provide telephone support to DHIA staffs so they can provide support in their areas. Annual training meetings for DHIA affiliate staffs are provided, and DRMS staff attends local meetings throughout the service region to gain local exposure to customer needs or concerns. Accounting staff provide a full range of accounting services for DHIA's including billing, payroll, general ledger and financial analysis.


The DRMS Facebook page offers a great opportunity for customers to interact with DRMS support staff or with other customers. We invite you to share helpful information and ideas or ask questions. Learn about new features, when new versions are released and other important details about DRMS products and services. Producers, DHIA staff, extension agents, dairy consultants, and various dairy industry professionals are welcome to join us on Facebook.
DRMS provides DHI records processing services and on-farm records management software for 20 DHIAs or Service Affiliates. Service areas for these affiliates are outlined in green on the map and include approximately 9,000 DHI producers with 1.9 million cows. DRMS also processes and provides software for herds in Puerto Rico and in other countries.


Six DHI member producers and three DHI staff members serve as an Advisory Board to advise DRMS staff and approve major changes in programs or operating procedures. The Heads of the Animal Science Department for N.C. State University and Iowa State University serve as ex-officio members.