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   News and Notes - September 2014

  • COMING SOON TO A TABLET NEAR YOU! Vet Check Maxx simplifies and streamlines vet check day for producers. You don’t have to pull out the old clipboard and write down index numbers, status and last breeding date. With Vet Check Maxx, you just grab a tablet and go since the cows to check are quickly identified by a powerful filtering system.

    Vet Check Maxx allows both information lookup and data entry on the same screen, making it quick and easy to provide the vet with all necessary information and then quickly enter the vet’s findings or actions for each cow. One screen shows general cow information, health remarks, repro inputs, protocols, chores and more!

    Quickly move between the last cow checked and the next cow in line. Vet Check Maxx is also RFID Compatible. An integral part of PocketDairy, Vet Check Maxx will be released at World Dairy Expo and available to PCDART users across the country who have an Android tablet. Click here for more details!

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        New Features in 7.16.0.A
        More information about PocketDairy Android

    New Webinar on October 9: Applying the Principles of MCM and IOFC to Your Operation. Join us at 2pm (EST). Dr. Greg Bethard will discuss Money Corrected Milk (MCM) and how it helps you evaluate the performance of your cows. He’ll also explain how MCM relates to Income Over Feed Cost (IOFC), and what IOFC can tell you about your cows. Don’t miss this review of metrics which enable you to evaluate profitability at the cow and herd level. Email or to register.

    Listen to our PCDART Shortcuts and Tips Webinar to learn PCDART keyboard shortcuts, how to do quick entry, “apply to all” functionality for temp groups and more. Need to know how to chain events together, assign health conditions and build subsequent reports? It's covered. Need to know how to enter body condition scores for your herd? Check! Cassie Sawyer, DRMS Tech Support Analyst, demonstrates ways to be more efficient and make the most of PCDART!

    Log in and click on the webinar title in the left-hand menu to access the video. The Educational Videos-Features links gives you access to over 20 short videos on various PCDART features.

  • See PCDART featured in Dairy Herd Network’s Precision Dairy Digital Buyer’s Guide by clicking here!
    Due to its ability to integrate with most on-farm automated milk recording, robotic and heat monitoring systems, PCDART is at the forefront of the precision dairying movement. Get the most of your investment in technology by linking PCDART with your precision dairying equipment.

  • Heifer Genomics Guide Our industry is on the genomics fast track. Dairy producers are testing heifers at an ever-increasing rate. Now, what to do with all this genomic data? This new report helps producers answer important questions such as: Which heifers should I test? Which heifers should be the dams of the next generation? Which heifers are good flush candidates? Which heifers should be culled to save costs? See the Heifer Genomics Guide Review for more details.

  • Udder Health Monitor: Quickly evaluate your herd's udder health with the graphs, tables and lists provided in this report. You will have the tools to reduce costs, increase milk value, and comply with an expected reduction of regulatory somatic cell limit already required by some milk cooperatives. See the Udder Health Monitor Review for more details.

  • NATIONAL DHIA ARTICLES (as seen in DairyBusiness)
    US DHI Herd Averages for SCC are Dropping - 11/13
    Working to Ensure Accuracy in DHI Milk ELISA Sample Results - 8/13
    Working to Ensure Accuracy in DHI Milk ELISA Sample Results - 6/13
    DHI Uniform Operating Procedures - 3/13
    Data for Decision Making with Today's Feed Prices - 12/12
    Changing Industry-USDA partnership for dairy cattle improvement - 8/12
    On-farm Electronic Meters and DHI Programs Work in Harmony - 5/12
    Importance of Measuring SCC Levels - 2/12
    DHI Programs Start with Accurate Milk Weights - 12/11
    The Value and Use of Data - 9/11
    Genomic Testing: a new technology tool - 8/11
    See all National DHIA articles at:

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